Watch the Flowers Grow Lesley StevensonI grew flowers amongst my vegetables. Then, slowly, the flowers began to take over. I noticed how the different varieties of flowers attracted all manner of bee species, and more insects; pollinating the veg better and producing bumper crops from single plants.

Sometimes, sometimes, I really wish I could grow more like a farmer; in straight lines and stuff with lots more single varieties. I’d be able to pull out the weeds more easily and it would help organise my crops. But those so-called weeds can turnout to be the perfect addition to a bridal bouquet – some twirling, curling ‘weed’ may bring the whole arrangement together. And, I just love having a wide variety of different flowers to choose from.

So, an organic balance of seasonal, curated, flowers, veg, herbs, foliage and native flowers is what works for me. It may all seem a bit wild and chaotic, but there is method in all that maddess. Honestly there is.